Desert Mule Deer
Desert Mule Deer
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Coby Hunt is an excellent tracker (self-taught), the best I’ve ever seen, and a very good person with a lot of integrity. There is "no quit" in him.He knows mule deer and how to find them. When we first spoke on the phone he was very friendly and answered all my questions patiently and without all the “bells & whistles” you get from some outfitters.  He described exactly how we would hunt, that it would be extremely tough, and that many hunters were not cut out for it.
We were looking for a respectable 180 class buck or better with my general season tag in the high desert.  Under these conditions, you have to make a quick decision if you jump the deer from his bed, which can be difficult.  Fortunately, this one was a "no-brainer".  We tracked him close to 15 miles, dealing with miserable rainy weather conditions for most of the week. We finally caught up to him bedded down about 10 minutes before sunset on our 6th day of hunting. After I put him down and we were walking up to him, Coby said "he is going to go over 200" and I said "I think more like in the 190's"; however, the more I looked at him the bigger he got.  By the time we finished taking pictures, caping and quartering him, I was pretty convinced Coby was right.  The next day after we slept in, Coby rough scored him at 208". Followingthe mandatory 60-day drying period he was officially scored at207 3/8” gross and 200 6/8” net. He was accepted into the All-Time Records of North American Big Game for typical mule deer and is the new #33 in Utah.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would kill a 200+ typical muley and also qualify for the record book.
Bill Thompson
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