Tom Moleski
Tom Moleski
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When my lucky day came around to hunt Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep in Central Utah, many friends, outfitters, and experts threw their names in the hat to be considered for part of the hunt team. After careful consideration I put together my team which included two good friends, who happen to be top sheep guides, and one local expert Coby Hunt with Utah Big game Outfitters. 

Our hunt was very successful as we harvested an old scar-faced Monarch of a ram on day five.  Our amazing adventure was made much easier by Coby's extraordinary knowledge of the area and his understanding of the sheep and their tendencies. Coby helped make my once in a lifetime experience everything I could have hoped it to be.  When I'm in the area again, Coby Hunt will be on my team!  Tom Moleski. 

We have just finished guiding a Utah Bighorn Sheep hunt for hunter and good friend Tom Moleski.  We had a great hunt with a tremendous crew.  Nikki was able join us on the hunt everyday, along with guides Jeff Baher and Coby Hunt.  Utah has a very healthy population of Rocky Mtn. Bighorn and we are now licensed to outfit and guide in Utah.  We saw around 60 different rams over 5 days of hunting.  Tom connected with a very heavy 10 year old ram (with his bow) on the afternoon of the 5th day.  Tom made a great frontal shot at 41 yards and the ram was dead within 15 seconds.  We had a great trip and made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

An experience none of us will forget.  I think the smile can tell the story.  Congratulations Tom!