Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson
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In 2014 I was very fortunate to have drawn a Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep tag for the nine mile range creek late hunt. We hunted for a big ram for a few days and seen one that caught my attention, however this ram would not reach the mark I was looking for, but for some reason I continued to talk myself into taking the ram as the days went on.

One day as we were on our way to check out an area luck struck me as I ran into Coby Hunt, who is a sheep guide from green river, Utah. Coby was guiding the Governors tag at the time, however we exchanged contact information and he told me to contact him the next day. After contacting him I explained to him the ram I continued to look at and the goal I had set. Coby knew of this ram and gave me a great deal of confidence that we could not only do better, that we could achieve our goal. On the 10th day of the hunt Coby spotted a ram that we knew without a doubt was the ram we were looking for. Unfortunately the ram was in a location across the Green River that would require a stalk the next day.

After spotting the big ram the next day and Coby at work he allowed us to use his equipment to get across the river. After a crazy river ride and hike up the steep terrain that these magnificent sheep live in we positioned ourselves and took a ram of a lifetime. We met up with Coby that night and he was so excited that we had taken such a great ram. What an awesome experience that myself, family members and friends will never forget.

Coby is a stand up guy and an outstanding sheep guide that has so much experience in the range creek and rattlesnake (bookcliff South) units and now a great friend. He really knows how to find, judge and hunt sheep in the area that he grew up in. For an outstanding hunt and experience I would highly recommend you contact Coby Hunt.